Psychologist VS psychiatrist: Do you know the difference?

Most of us do not know the actual difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. The first idea that comes to our mind when we hear such words would be a person who keeps listening to people’s problems. Actually, this is true to a particular extent because both psychologist as well as a psychiatrist can treat certain problems like depression and schizophrenia. But when it comes to the treatment methods that are used by these professionals, they vary a bit. So, understanding the difference between these two branches would be helpful.

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Psychologist VS psychiatrist: Educational aspect

When it comes to psychiatry, it is a branch of medicine which deals with certain mental illnesses. So, this branch is concerned with diagnosis as well as the treatment for various issues which are related to mental health of a person. Some of the examples of such illnesses are bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression and schizophrenia.

When it comes to psychology, it is more about studying the behavior patterns of human beings. The basis for this kind of a study would be the emotions that human beings undergo, the feelings, the personality traits, mental characteristics, the interactions of human beings and a lot more. There is one more name to psychology. It is science that deals with the mind. So, most of the psychologists deal with people who have certain issues like a anxiety, depression, stress and other anger issues.

Another difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist is, of course, the educational background. A person who wants to become a psychiatrist should be a medicine graduate. After that, the person must also specialize in mental health by attending a four-year residency. Apart from that, further education in a specialized area is also required. (For example, family-therapy, child-psychiatry etc).

When it comes to the psychologists, they are not medicine graduates. In order to get a doctorate degree, undergoing doctoral training would be important for a psychologist. It might take nearly 7 years to finish that. In some places, even undergoing internship for one year is mandatory.

Psychologist VS psychiatrist: Who can prescribe medicines?

There is one more difference between both of these professionals. A psychiatrist can prescribe medicine but a psychologist is not supposed to prescribe any kind of medication because he or she is not a qualified doctor. If a psychologist has to prescribe any kind of medication to the patient, he or she must refer the name of another psychiatrist to do the same. In fact, to put it in a nutshell, a psychologist is a person who does most of the therapy through talking to the patient and listening to the patient’s problems.

Now you must have understood the main differences between these two professionals who deal with almost the same kind of problems. It is very important to understand these differences because gaining clarity about whom to approach when suffering from a mental problem would be easier. If you know whom to approach, you can combat with the problem easily. If you just need counseling, you can always go to a psychologist but if you need some kind of medication to put an end to the problem, then it’s good to approach a psychiatrist.

Make A Perfect Differentiation With Psychologist Vs Psychiatrist

Knowing about psychologist vs psychiatrist by pointing out major differences will always let you maintain clean frame of mind for any need in future. More number of people often get confused regarding the kind of job activities by both the professionals. Though they sound similar in spelling and pronunciation, there is a sea change regarding the kind of responsibilities they handle. The first and foremost difference that needs to be noted down that a psychiatrist holds a doctor’s degree whereas a psychologist holds a degree in psychology. Perhaps, their fields of study too are relatively different with no connection at all between.

Psychologist Vs Psychiatrist

Major differences highlighting the ways degrees are obtained

Every psychologist has to possess a graduate degree for sure in order to be eligible for practice. However, the qualification could be bettered with a doctorate program allowing you to attain a masters degree in psychology. The time taken to attain the qualification will be seven years on an average. There are certain institutions that require additional two years of study in the form of internship without which it is not possible for you to get leadership. Alternatively, you can choose to practice but under the guidance of an experienced psychologist so that you could get necessary inputs regularly.

In contrast, psychiatrists are general physicians who have received specialized training in treating mental illnesses, stress and depression. They are those who are officially authorized to conduct clinical tests, medical assessments and detailed diagnosis in order to offer effective treatment for the patients to recover. Possessing a degree in medicine will be sufficient to practice this course in general. It might be recovered to do a minimum of four years in resident medical training in order to hone skills. This is a norm to perfectly assess the condition of patients at different levels.

Unique ways of treating the patient as per the condition

Psychologists are considered to be more restricted as far as offering treatment to their patients. Most significantly, they are not officially authorized to offer any kind of medication to their patients in order to offer them a better treatment. Any technique should be based upon the knowledge they acquired during their study period only. However, there have been certain changes in the field of psychology allowing them to offer medicines to the patients, but is restricted to certain select cases only.

Learning about actual differences between psychologist vs psychiatrist will be helpful for you as you could decide better to approach whom. Meanwhile, it is a psychiatrist who has the liberty of varying the treatment depending upon the condition of the patient. Instant relief is expected as well in case of those who have been experiencing severe levels of depression and stress in life. As far as both the professions as a career choice, you need to consider all the features in a comprehensive manner. Remember that both the fields have maximum scope to earn and it all depends upon individual capacities. Approaching an online career counselor will be helpful for you so that you could obtain a personalized suggestion towards a better career.